BJFF Shorts Program Series 1

  • Animation, Documentary, Drama
  • 5 Episodes

5 Short films from around the world.


Cinema Rex

At a famed 1930s Jerusalem cinematheque, a Jewish boy and an Arab girl bond over their love of movies.

Mum's Hairpins

Yasha, a young Jewish boy seizes a last chance to escape a Ukrainian shtetl under siege from Nazi invaders in this somber, poetic, and haunting tale of survival and loss.

Eddy's World

The entertaining story of Eddy Goldfarb, a 98-year-old working toy inventor, best known for the iconic Yakity Yak Teeth and nearly 800 classic toys.

Empty Spaces

Nati, an officer in the IDF is heading south with three soldiers in order to perform a very complicated mission.

A Father's Kaddish

Sitting at his potter’s wheel to heal emotionally and honor his son’s memory, a grieving New England father shares his contemplative, meditative ritual of creating exquisite works of art born of love, tragedy and time.